About Us

Quasi-S is an ISO9001 and ISO17025, bizSAFE Certified organization.

Our Journey

We started Labouratory services since Feb-2002 in support to the needs of the industries like semiconductor, engineering, solar, biochemical, R&D, forensic, and many more.  Over the years, our highly skilled and experience teams of scientists, engineers, and analysts provides advance nanotechnology services to solve your problems.  Since then, Labs-Services has expanded to three(3) fully equipped laboratories, strategically located in Singapore and Malaysia to provide one-stop solution to customers.

Sample-Preparation-Visual-Inspection SEM-EDS-Results


Our Strength

Our diversity origins from our people who possess specific qualifications, hands on know-how and extensive years of experience. The labouratory is supported not only by lab-personnel, but more importantly it is lead by veterans who are originally from various industries who knows your problems well. As for the the equipment and instruments, they are maintained and calibrated by our engineers that are trained by the principal makers, hence we optimise the performance beyond what other laboratory cannot achieve.



Our Commitment

Being the best-in-rank Labouratory in Nanotechnology services, Quasi-S commits to keep every information of our customers in secrecy and confidentiality.  All data and reports are under lock-and-key for both soft and hard copies are under strictest protection.