Quasi-S Service Laboratories cover wide range of industries, from Semiconductors to Consumer goods, from Railways to Medical. Since there are different sets of problems face by these sectors, the approaches we tailor to their needs are also vary. Below are areas in which our Labs can support.  Feel free to contact us for discussion...

Automotive is one of the most stringent industries where many recalls have been executed in recent years due to safety concerns. Field failures in automobiles are most unwarranted as they are costly and damaging to the reputation of the manufacturer. Our lab offers wide spectrum of analytical analysis specifically cater to the help automotive parts makers in high quality production. We support you in R&D, Quality & Reliability testing, Failure Analysis, Root-cause finding in an accurate and most efficient manner. Call us to learn more about:

- Humidity & Corrosion                           - Thermal Shock and Cycle
- Salt-Spray                                          - Hardness & Strength
- Welding Quality                                   - Coating defects
- Plating thickness                                 - Metallurgical failure
- Contamination                                    - Failure analysis
- RoHS / hazardous substances               - Oil analysis
- Material fatigue & ageing                     - Others



Industry - semicon

Semiconductors are present in almost all the modern electronic devices that we use today. The technology advancement is continual and something new is created everyday. Although Semiconductor has entered into a matured phase, yet the technical challenges are becoming greater as time passes.  Defects, Failures, Non-conformance are common in all manufacturing lines. Engineers are increasingly entering into the unknowns are finding it hard to solve problems.  Many of our Lab personals were from the Semiconductor fields and understand your issues at hand. Call us to learn more about:

- Humidity & Corrosion                           - Thermal Shock and Cycle
- Salt-Spray                                         - Hardness & Strength
- Welding Quality                                  - Coating defects
- Plating thickness                                 - Metallurgical failure
- Contamination                                    - Failure analysis
- RoHS / hazardous substances               - Oil analysis
- Material fatigue & ageing                     - Others



The oil and gas industry has grown to ever more critical and challenging to the operators and manufacturers. As the reserves are dwindling and demand fluctuating, the reliability and efficiency of support is increasingly demanding. The process of discovering , extracting, refining and transporting oil & gas are long and extensive. At times, failures can be costly or even disastrous.  Our labs have the knowledge to provide material verification and R&D testing for metals, nonmetallics, ceramics, coatings for infrastructures. We also conduct a wide spectrum of chemical, metallurgical, mechanical and corrosion analytical testings. Call us to learn more about:

- Impurities                                      - Structural Failures
- Heavy Metals                                  - Particle Analysis
- Rare Earth Elements                        - Material Microhardness
- Heat & Fluid Aging                           - Metallurgical failure
- Contamination                                - Failure analysis
- Chemical Exposure                          - Oil analysis
- Chemical Resistance                        - Others



One finds it difficult to imagine a 6 to 8 car train, 150M long and laden weigh over 600 ton moving at 80km/h. The amount of mechanical stress and possible failure due to material fatigue is tremendous. Many hours of commuters' delay and frustrations can be expected and it can be costly and damaging to company reputation. Our Lab can be the best help particularly in 3 areas :

  • verifying the authenticity of the incoming material
  • monitoring structural deterioration in material of the rail
  • ascertaining root-cause of failures when things go wrong.

Call us to learn more about:

- Material fatigue                                        - Oxidation & Salt
- Material ageing                                        - Failure analysis
- Humidity & Corrosion                               - Metallurgical failure
- Welding Quality                                       - Cracks and Fractures
- Contamination                                         - Impurities in alloy
- Hardness & Tensile                                   - Structural weakness
- Corrosion & wheather damage                   - Others




Safety and Reliability can never be over-emphasized in the Aerospace Industry. From raw material to the full assembly, the demand in assurance can never more critical.  The risk associated with the failure of any component is beyond measure In a market driven by the demand for ever greater aircraft performance, we understand your need to excel in the innovation of materials performance, application and manufacturing. Our team of highly experienced chemists, engineers, and technicians conduct a wide range of materials and non-destructive testing(NDT) that assist you in R&D, Manufacturing process, Supply chain issues, and standards conformation. Call us to learn more about:

- Material porosity                                  - Shear & Axial Fatigue
- Grain size Analysis                              - Metal Alloy Composition
- Coating  Metallography Analysis             - Material Verification
- Oxides Contents                                  - Metallurgical failure
- Bond Strength                                    - Failure analysis
- Impact and Flexural                            - Crystal Structure
- Hydrogen Embrittlement                      - Others



Contradict to conventional manufacturing method which involves removing materials attain desired shapes, 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing uses CAD to achieve objects by adding layers. As such, product manufactured is subjected to layer fusing homogeneity, layer thickness control, raster orientation.  Manufacturers in this new technology are seeing more and more structural failures that are not intended in the original blueprint plan. Beside providing failure analysis, our engineers shall provide added service in your process improvement in 3D Printing.  Call us to learn more about:

- Particle Shedding Issues                           - NDT on Microstructural Issues
- Tensile & Compression Strength                 - Metal Alloy Composition
- Hardness Tests                                        - Layer Fusing Issues
- Material Fitigue Tests                                - Metallurgical failure
- Powder Chemical Analysis                          - Failure Analysis
- Surface Decolouration                              - Crystal Structure





The priority for the pharmaceutical industry to be able to count on accurate measurements and analytical results the Lab. That priority naturally extended to the exact characteristics raw materials. From the analysis of layer structure and chemical composition to the evaluation of grain size & composition, we conduct chemical imaging of drug products. And lay out by quantifying the spectrum of  active ingredient, excipient and coatings down to ppm scale. Call us to learn more about:

- Contamination study                      - Stability storage
- Ingredients verification                   - Chromatography Purity
- Oxidation                                     - Microbiological analysis
- UV-Vis analysis                             - Dissolution test
- Toxicological tests                         - Disintegration test
- Comparator testing                        - Gas chromatography
- Forced degradation                        - Others




WHO estimated that 1 in 10 people fall ill every year cause by food-borne diseases worldwide, and almost half a million died from eating contaminated food.  Agricultural products for human consumption is no longer confined to local source only, and food on our dining table could have travelled from the other side of the globe. Food safety program has become more stringent and will continue to get more critical. We continue to be the provider of the safety net and healthy gate for Agriculture & Food industries. Call us to learn more about:

- Pesticide analysis                            - Food Chemistry analysis
- Contamination analysis                    - Batch Sampling
- Residue analysis                             - Toxic chemical trace
- Microbiological analysis                    - Off- taste test
- Fertiliser chemical analysis              - Off-colour test
- RoHS / hazardous substances           - Food packaging
- Material fatigue & ageing                 - Others