Our Lab Services and Unique Analytical Approach:

We offer a wide range of analysis and testing services for industrial & research  needs. All our 3 labs (see map) are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified team to perform the most complex analysis.

Labs-Services has built up a close partnership with clients in a wide spectrum of industries including:  semiconductor, solar, engineering,  polymer, R&D, Institutions and many others. Our labs welcome clients to participate closely with the investigation together with our lab-personnel. As such, time taken to ascertain root-cause and decision for subsequent tests can be forthcoming and objective spontaneously achieved.

In addition, we also offer real-time conferencing so as to facilitate clients who are unable to be physical present but want to participate in the process of analysis & testing. We tap on the latest communication technology and tools to offer closer and timelier response to the needs of our customers.

You will get the best-in-class service in whether you require to perform in our laboratory, and we are just A-CLICK away…

Failure Analysis — FA

We take the process of FA very carefully from sample-collection to final-reporting.  We are fully aware that you might have the one-and-only piece of evident that may point to a critical clue to solve an issue at hand. Hence, we are prudent throughout the entire analytical process so as to assure you out quality service.

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Chemical Testing

In Chemical Testing, our experienced Chemists customises your specific needs. Labs-Services conducts both routine testing and non-routine complex analysis. We can test samples for identification, purity, quantification, contaminants, characterization, etc. In our laboratory, we use advanced analytical techniques and expert problem solving to fully answer even the most complex questions for our clients.

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Metallurgy Analysis

Metallurgical analysis reveals the micro-structure, processes performed on the material during manufacture and whether or not these materials meet the required specification to ensure durability, functionality of the intended use.  The above conditions can be evaluated by careful sample preparation followed by SEM examinations. With the latest and most advance preparation methodology and advance microscopy, we can offer you the images and data to facilitate your analysis.  We also provide wide range of micro-structures and micro-hardness survey, and  electro-chemical corrosion simulations, mercurous nitrate testing etc.

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Counterfeit Analysis

Ranging from food to consumer goods, counterfeit items has penetrated almost every part of human life.  It is reported that counterfeit electronic components alone had exceeded couple of millions in variety and models. With the advancement of technology, the imitation is so perfectly cloned  that one cannot differentiate these fake components from the real ones by appearance.  Our laboratory provides the essential steps in screening techniques to identify counterfeits.

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Analysis Techniques

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