Samples Collection Service

Samples Labelling
To ensure we are in the same frequency, it is important that we have conducted discussion before sample submission.
Proper labelling will help us to do the best for you in all analysis.
Please ensure to label your samples as follows:

  • sample name
  • sample number
  • your name and company
  • date
  • attach photo with locations to analyse
  • attach “Services Request Form”

Caution : Please handle sample with tweezers as far as you can. Touching with bare hands on the sample surface may distort the analysed result. Let us know should you require special cleaning of sample surfaces.

Samples should be packed in the way that will not cause damage or contamination.  Wrap sample using clean kitchen foil if the sample is big. Try not to use plastic bag or antistatic bag as they are with coating that might transfer onto your sample.
Using scotch-tape or any tape to secure sample is not advisable and the tape glue can remain on the sample itself. If tape use is necessarily  please ensure to paste them on areas that is not used for analysis.

Free Local Sample Pick-up — (For Singapore Only)
We provide local  free sample pickup and return, please provide address and advance notice.  As for Malaysia, please speak with our representative.

Call us @
For Singapore : (65)6383-4386
For Penang Malaysia : (604)6456-973
For KL Bangi Malaysia (603)8920-2570