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Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is one of the most commonly used analytical techniques for identifying organic materials. But in some cases it is applicable for  inorganic materials too. This technique measures the absorption of infrared (IR) radiation by the tested sample in comparison to the wavelength. The IR absorption band identify molecular components and structures.  It is useful especially in identification and characterisation of complex mixtures in all material states, be it solid, liquid or gas. FTIR is complimentary to Raman Spectroscopy. But the limitation for this technique is unable to analyse metal with reflective surface and  detection sensitiveness is limited to a film thickness of 25 nm.

•Identification of foreign materials likes  Particulates, Fibers and Residues
•Identification of bulk material compounds
•Identification of constituents in multilayered materials
•Quantitation of silicone, esters, etc., as contamination on various materials

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