Failure Analysis

Our world is dynamic. Variations and changes take place all the time. It is more so in our manufacturing, processing environment. Things can fail to function at times — from our supply-chains, or in our own processes, all the way up to our customers, we may be facing non-conform, sub-standard, failed products.

Our desire to find the cause and get to the bottom of the problem is utmost essential in order to put the right plug in time before it goes out of control.
Every moment we wait for the answer and root-cause to the problem, it costs more than just money. Quality, Reliability, Trust will dissipate by the second.

Just call us! Labs Services understands your anxiety and we are available round the clock for providing Failure Analysis. From simple fracture to complex litigation issues, our knowledge and experience will pin-point the problem source quickly and recommend possible solutions.

Our FA capability includes metals, polymers and composites, welds, coatings, finished products and the list goes on.
We cover wide range of industries and techniques with examples shown below are just representation.
Contact us via Request Form, and we can share more specific methods according to your needs.

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