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Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) is a common chemical surface analysis method. It measures the chemical composition of the outermost 100 Å of specimen and all elements except for H and He can be detected. AES is working on the principle of excitation of atoms by electron beam that leads to the emission of Auger electrons.

Auger electron spectroscopy is a very useful tool in Failure Analysis for elemental analysis of miniature surface features.  Some of the applications below:

• Qualitative analysis through fingerprinting spectral analysis
• Identification of different chemical states of elements
• Determination of atomic concentration of elements
• Depth profiling
• Adsorption and chemisorption of gases on metal surfaces
• A Interface analysis of materials deposited in situ on surfaces

Our analysis method is accordance to international standard:

ASTM E827-08 (Standard Practice for Identifying Elements by the Peaks in Auger Electron Spectroscopy)

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